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  1. 2008.09.18 일본팬에게 넬을 소개하기란....힘들군요....ㅎㅎ (2)

몇달전부터 제 블로그에 자주 찾아주시는 일본의 KAZU 씨가
이번에 에픽하이의 서울 콘서트에 오신다고 하네요.

아마 서울에 오시는 김에 여러 가수의 CD를 사실 계획인 것 같더라구요.
그래서 넬과 다이나믹 듀오를 추천했거든요. (TBNY는 이미 wish list에 있더라는.ㅎㅎ)
넬에 대해 조사하고 계시는 것 같길래 도움이 될까 해서 리플을 남겨드렸는데
혹시나 나중에라도 넬을 좋아하시는 외국분들에게 도움이 될까해서 제 블로그에도 남겨봅니다.
그냥 넬에 대한 팬심만 가득할뿐.....문법따위...몰라요. .(도망)

---------------------------------- ┛┓

협찬해주신 네이버 영어사전에게 감사의 말씀을 전하며...비루한 영어 죄송합니다. ;;;
과연 이런 게 누군가에게 도움이 되긴 될까요;;;


Do you fall in love with Nell?
It's very good tidings.
My recommendation was of little help to you. kkk

Epik High & Nell are my favorite musician now.
Nell's music is somewhat sorrowful.
But It heals a wound of people.
Nell is made up 4 people.
They have known each other since they were boys together. ^ ^
Kim Jong-wan (vocalist) have wrote songs &  lyrics their all songs.

They took out total 7 albums as yet.
First and Second albums took out in their underground activities.
Third and Fourth albums took out in through the sponsorship of Seo Tae-ji company.
Nell found favor in a Seo Tae-ji 's eyes because they have brilliant ability.
But now they are attached to "Ul-lim Entertainment" same as their closed friend Epik high.
Maybe they want to avoid  Seo Tae-ji's name value &  influence.
So 5th, 5.5th(different arrangement with thier existing songs ), 6th album were made in an atmosphere of freedom.

Nell's first album is very rare item.
Like other undergroud album.
It made very small number.
And that production was ruined.
So  the original files were disappear.
It was sold by auction with high price.
But you will get the other easily.

...I  am tired out...because  a long talk....kkk  ;-D

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  1. 우연히 지나가다가 수정/삭제 댓글쓰기 댓글주소
    2008.09.23 07:18

    도움이 될까해서 끄적끄적 해 보아요- Nell represents 21st century's Korean modern rock genre. Although Nell was not the first band to start the genre in Korea, their music has become popular regardless of its nature as the minor. I guess it's because of the Vocal, Kim Jong Wan's ability to write the lyrics. While the maniac listeners are into the 'music' itself, the majority seems to give credit to the sentimental and realistic lyrics of Nell's music. I guess that's why Nell has gained unexpected popularity especially since 2006 after they released their 5th album. Also, Nell had been on the Summer Sonic 08 stage, and that already shows the possibility and uniqueness of Nell because they are the first Korean band to be invited to the Summer Sonic Festival. Even though Nell is incomplete in the means of artistic expression or musical capabilities, they certainly have potential to change the future of the K-pop market as shown from their accomplishment in 2008. I personally did not like 'rock' at all, but my musical taste has been changed since I met Nell. I'd recommend you to listen to Nell's music, not just for fun, but with all your sentiment. Within a month, you'll find yourself soaked into their music. P.S. There's no way to get out of that charm!!

    • 2008.09.23 09:22

      와~ 감사합니다. 이런 댓글이 달릴 줄은 생각도 못했는데. ^^
      자세한 설명해주셔서 그분에게 도움이 될 것 같네요. 정말 감사합니다.ㅎㅎ
      넬에 대한 애정이 철철 넘치시는군요! +ㅁ+
      아마도 넬동민? 이실 것 같은데 어쩜 이리 마음씨가 좋으신지.ㅠㅠ
      감사합니다. ^-^

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