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어른스러운 대성 -_ㅠ

그리고 베스킨라빈스 CF들- 귀엽다. >ㅁ<

Posted by poise

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  1. 2008.08.31 11:40

    that radio with MC mong??I love mc mong a lot^^
    He is a person who became a chance that I know k-pop (from 3 years ago..)
    And i like bigbang as a musician! It's not as idol..
    they have talent!!!

    • 2008.08.31 12:48 신고

      maybe...That's right. MC mong's radio.

      I have been heard MC mong's 3rd album in 2006.
      It was first opportunity I heard his album,
      from track 1 to the end.

      Hip-hop mania with a hardened attitude generally tend to undervalue MC mong & Big Bang . But I took a positive view of them up to the present.
      I wish them make themselves proficient in music. ^^