1.Basick - 챔피언 + OK (with Vasco)
2.Basick - ? (후렴에 we Jiggy boyz라고 했던) (with Vasco)
3.Basick - Better than the Best (with Vasco)
4.MYK - Celebration
5.MYK - Follow the Sun
6.Rimshot - One Dream
7.Rimshot - ? (이지연의 "Love for Night"을 샘플링해서 만든 거라는)
8.RHYME-A- - Trust Me + ?
9.RHYME-A- - ? (신곡임. 훅이 "마지막이란 없네 이제 멈춤없이 달린다~")
10.넋업산 - Street Dream (with Minos)
11.Minos - Speaking Trumpet (feat. 넋업산)
12.넋업산 & Minos - One Light
13.Kebee - One Way
14.Kebee - MUSICBOX
15.Kebee - Feeling You
16.The Quiett - Love Vibration
17.The Quiett - Still Shining
18.P&Q - Supremacy + Supremacy Remix
19.Paloalto - 갈증
20.One Sun - I'll Be There
21.Born Kim - ? (후렴이 "달빛이 비추는 거리를 걸었지, 노래하고 싶어"였던가..)
22.Born Kim - ? (Denice Williams의 Free 샘플링한 거임)
23.Paloalto & One Sun & Born Kim - Sunshine of My Life
24.미쓰라 진 - 장마
25.Epik High - Flow
26.Epik High - The Future (feat. Yankie)
27.Tablo & Yankie - Alive
앵콜.Epik High - Breakdown

출처 - 힙합플레이야 Dance D님
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  1. 2008.08.31 01:38

    Thank you for SETLIST!!
    Can I post it my page??
    (I made a community for pe2ny's fans in mixi, it's like japanese cyworld)
    Anyway, it's very expensive members!!
    If I could go, I absolutely went to this showcase!!

    • 2008.08.31 09:29

      That's all right. ^^

      I was surprised you made a community for pe2ny.
      He will be delighte at the news.
      I feel regret for didn't going there.-_ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  2. 2008.08.31 02:04

    It's nice selection^^ I also wanted to go the showcase..
    I joined a community that emiko made
    member is only 2 now.. (emiko n me)
    He becomes a person attracting attention from now on!

    • 2008.08.31 09:44

      I also wanted to go the showcase..222222

      The community will be help to more than people know Pe2ny.
      It´ll come in pretty handy.
      I wish the community members multiply rapidly.