2008. 7. 2. 10:32


by. tablo

i've learned a thing or two about love

it's push and shove

giving and giving in, giving up

give, give, give but nuthin's given

sinnin' is heaven

just for the hell of it

contradictions, constant attraction distraction

love: life hiding behind contraception

deception, a radio without reception

miscommunication and misconception

conception of a life too early for light

but just ripe for death

the depth of eyes

windows to souls shattered into tears

too cold to hold in my hands

plans, man, woman

kryptonite to Superman(슈퍼맨의 약점인 광석을 의미 )

love: the distance between me and you

measured by lies and truths

probable cause for hate, fate and destiny

insatiable thirst for the free



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